Complete The Job with a 12 volt electric confetti launcher

A 12 volt electric confetti launcher is a device that fires confetti in to the air and allows it to rain down on the crowd at games, parties, parades or celebrations. The confetti canon itself is a tube which comes with a small container with nitrogen or air to launch the confetti. The canon can be custom-loaded with confetti in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. Whether your event is done outdoors or indoors, the cannons will do its job efficiently and safely.

Make Any Event Energetic

It doesn't matter what occasion it is, anything from match celebrations, graduation parties, birthday parties or New Year Eve fetes, the cannon can make any social affair uncommon and paramount whenever there is a gathering of individuals who meet up to have an incredible time. Imagine confetti raining down when crowds sing along to the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of July; it will instill a strong patriotic feeling. Confetti raining down on the crowd is the perfect time to take photos.

Triggers Positive Mood

A 12 volt electric confetti launcher improves the amount of fun and energy through the course of colour that it brings about. Out of instincts, individuals chuckle, shout or make their surrounding zones light up with their best grins when cannons shoot confetti into the air and give it an opportunity to descend upon the group. It brings about an instant and amazing effect which could quickly change any regular social event in to a wonderful one that will go down in history to many. The cannon is best to both small and big events. The color effects created is fantastic for commending any achievement, events entailing releasing of products or weddings.

West Coast Confetti

West Coast Confetti is a reputable provider of 12 volt electric confetti launcher. If you do not understand how to make use of the cannon properly, you can have the company’s technicians as your guide. This company can definitely provide you any variety of confetti and confetti guns. They can demonstrate how best you can utilize the cannons and the type of confetti that will make the effects you need. You should also add details about the event type and its venue.

The Tools of the Trade

You should not have any doubts that we'll have just the right forms of 12 volt electric confetti launchers to do your occasion justice. We understand the significance of having the right tools if you want to do a job right, and that is why we have every conceivable kind of cannon available for your event. Regardless of the amount of cash you're working with or the settings of your gathering, you will have the freedom to choose from a variety of portable, electric, and non-electric cannons. If you prefer a bigger choice, try our stationary cannons that could be installed on platforms, stages, and tabletops. Much like confetti, cannons also come in many various designs, sizes, and colours.

Use 12 volt electric confetti launchers for a Wonderful Event

You do not have to be at a campaign rally, concert, or festival to reap the abundant advantages of a splash of confetti. One is a company that holds an event celebrating their accomplishments in this year by using bursting confetti in the air. Confetti magically makes every sad face happy. Make the call to West Coast Confetti and we'll make something special happen for you.