West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Occasion Needs

The Paper Confetti (PC) classified into many different types and textures are utilized in events like birthday celebrations, festive seasons, parades, and sports events. The Confetti papers are essentially produced from PC, Mylar and metals. With the aid of West Coast Confetti, your event can have the perfect kind of confetti and colour and model.


They are available from .75 to 2 inches with the majority of them being colour-fast and unsusceptible to fire. The majority of the paper Confetti is created with bio-degradable paper which slowly falls when tossed in the air thus prolonging the fun. West Coast Confetti can cater to just about any events.

Metallic confetti

If you want to celebrate your event elegantly, opt for Black foil confetti. Metallic confetti will certainly enhance the entire presentation of corporate group events when it floats down while reflecting the light. This confetti has greater resilience than regular paper confetti since it is created from metalized PVC.

Specialty Shapes

You can also have tailor-made confetti. Some of the choices include circles, hearts and stars. You may also add PC on your list of options. If you will have a patriotic celebration, choose the flag shape and the red, white and blue colored confetti and if you will have banquets, choose red heart confetti. Other choices include snowflake shaped confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. You're only limited by your imagination. Black foil confetti is among the most favoured choices.

Table Confetti

There are various colours of Black foil confetti available that makes it a perfect decoration for tables. The confetti colors quickly liven up any celebration whether it's casual or formal. It has also become common to embellish the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an event.

Water-Soluble Confetti

Water-soluble confetti is good at reflecting in the sunlight and minimizing the effects on the landscape. This rice paper kind of confetti will simply dissolve. You will receive more confetti than the usual package, because this type is also lighter.


West Coast Confetti also offers various equipment’s that disperses confetti. You may pick from hand cannons for individual users, cry guns, for dispersing confetti in medium amounts, and also the cannons for sizeable events.

Some other Decorative Functions of Confetti

Confetti are not just party accessories mainly because they also have many other uses.
• Confetti may serve as decorations for tables, flower pots, and wrapping papers.
• Put confetti in each balloon that you want to burst later so you can achieve a blast of colour at the event. Surround the balloons with confetti for a more vibrant appeal.
• You can use confetti to decorate with candles and lanterns.
• Confetti can be used to decorate a wall or to brighten up any area.
• You might also want to decorate photo shoot backgrounds with PC or Black foil confetti. Do not forget to utilize confetti on those valentine cards, as well.
• For a fun secure way to decorate Easter Eggs, let the kids glue confetti on them and decorate your baskets as well.
• Try making use of confetti to accessorize. Put it on your shoes or your hair band to brighten up any wardrobe.
• You could also present a gift jar filled with confetti. Confetti can be filled inside and used to cover outside. Kids and adults alike will surely love to get it.
• In Halloweens, you may also make use of confetti to decorate pumpkins. You can decorate with fall colours or create your own special Jack O Lantern.

Consequently, there are several ways that confetti can lighten up your world. By utilizing your imagination, you could certainly come up with fantastic ideas for decoration.