West Coast Confetti: Your One-stop Shop for Your Party Necessities

You can make your festive events and sports events more thrilling by adding confetti as adornment. Whatever them your event has, there is a colour of confetti that will match with it. Depending on the type of material, you could select from mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Let's all benefit from the idea that West Coast Confetti could now provide your party with all desired types of confetti and matching colors.


Some of the main features of most Pc includes its capability to fall slowly, color-fast and fire-resistant. You may choose .75 up to 2 inches in size. Usually, paper confetti is made from biodegradable paper, Shop West Coast Confetti for all of your party needs.

Metallic confetti

Any indoor or outdoor gathering will surely need the Blue mylar confetti for the celebration. This type of confetti is created from metalized PVC. Apart from floating down, metallic confetti also reflects to the lights of the even, making the whole event shine. And the best part is the reliability of the confetti, ensuring that it won’t just tear down along the way.

Specialty Shapes

Some of the options you can have are varieties of confetti shapes, from stars, circles, red hears, or patriotic colored flags. You can even request for tailored shapes and styles. You can also pump up your celebration with rainbow tissue confetti or the lovely snowflake confetti. It's good to know that the current popular option is Blue mylar confetti.

Table Confetti

If you need decorations for tables at an event, Blue mylar confetti can be utilized for that too. You've got plenty of colors and shapes to select from when it comes to Blue mylar confetti. You may also design the table confetti into words such as “Congratulations” and “Happy Birthday”. Whether your occasion is formal or casual, these colours will definitely brighten it up.

Water-Soluble Confetti

The water-soluble confetti is good for outside events, most significantly for lowering the effect on the landscape. This confetti is also lighter as it created from rice paper. Thus, it can dissolve easily without affecting the environment. You'll also get more confetti compared to a heavier bulk.


Confetti could be dispersed using a variety of tools, at West Coast Confetti. For big amounts of confetti, there's a confetti cannon that can blow and push out confetti for a grand display. Smaller jobs only need cryo guns and electric cannons. If you want everybody busy, use hand cannons for individual use.

Confetti Uses

Confetti can be utilized in a wide variety of ways which are not limited to just party accessories.

• Adding confetti is one way to beautify tables, wrapping paper, and flower pots.
• Fill confetti into balloons so that when they burst, a shower of color will show up. Include more colours by dipping balloons in a sea of confetti.
• You can use confetti to decorate with candles and lanterns.
• You could decorate your wall with confetti to make the area lighter.
• Blue mylar confetti or Pc are good decorations on the backdrops used for photo shoots. Do not forget to make use of confetti on those valentine cards, as well.
• For a fun secure way to decorate Easter Eggs, let the kids glue confetti on them and decorate your baskets as well.
• Enhance something with confetti. Decorate your hair band or shoes with it for a brighter wardrobe.
• Also you can present a gift jar filled with confetti. Confetti can be filled inside and used to cover outside. It would certainly be appealing to your receiver.
• Pumpkins are a seasonal way to use confetti. You can decorate with fall colors or make your own special Jack O Lantern.

Utilize Confetti to brighten any occasion or event. Simply expand your imagination and you will have many great decoration tips on making your event unforgettable and special.