West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Occasion Needs

The Paper Confetti (PC) classified into many types and textures are used in events like birthday celebrations, festive seasons, parades, and sports events. The Confetti papers are basically produced from PC, Mylar and metals. Through the help of West Coast Confetti, your event could have the right kind of confetti and color and model.


Designed to fall slowly, increasing the fun- most PC is color-fast and resistant to flames. You can select .75 up to 2 inches in size. Normally, paper confetti is made of bio-degradable paper. You can Shop West Coast Confetti for all of your party needs.

Metallic confetti

Besides paper confetti, the Brown foil confetti, made out of metalized PVC, is ideal to celebrate any indoor or outdoor occasion, like a corporate group gathering. Aside from floating down, metallic confetti also reflects to the lights of the even, making the entire event shine. This is not just a classy way to celebrate, but also a more durable one, too.

Specialty Shapes

The shapes of confetti, from stars, circles, red hearts for your beloved banquet, or patriotic colored flags are just some of the options you have from an unlimited selection. You name it, and it could be tailored to your exact needs. Also, there are rainbow tissue confetti and even lovely snowflake confetti ideally prepared to be loaded for your celebration. In terms of popularity, Brown foil confetti tops the list.

Table Confetti

There are several colors of Brown foil confetti available, which makes it a great decoration for tables. Any casual or formal event can look fantastic with the confetti colours. It has also become common to embellish the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an event.

Water-Soluble Confetti

Water-soluble confetti is good at reflecting in the sunlight and lessening the effects on the landscape. This kind of confetti could dissolve by itself. This confetti is also lighter, which is good if you want more confetti than the typical package.


West Coast Confetti also provides tools which could disperse confetti. For large amounts of confetti, there is a confetti cannon which could blow and push out confetti for a grand display. Smaller jobs only need cryo guns and electric cannons. If you want everybody busy, use hand cannons for individual use.

Boost Enjoyment Using Confetti.

Confetti is more than just a party accessory.

These wonderful bits of sparkle could certainly be put to use to brighten flower pots, or maybe wrapping paper, and also to arrange tables.

You may choose to fix confetti temporarily or place them there for good. The surrounding area will rejoice everyone.

Dipping a balloon with confetti is also a good idea. Make a mix of colours for impact, or let it burst into a hail of sparkle.

Confetti is also perfect decorations alongside lanterns and decorative candles.

The PC or Brown foil confetti is perfect background decorations for photography shooting or even entire photography sessions.

Confetti can be used to improve the appearance of their shoes, hair bands, or a new outfit.

Make your gift jar look wonderful simply by filling it with confetti.

For the enthusiastic kids, who cannot wait for the celebration of Easter, prepare confetti and allow them to enjoy decorating the Eggs and baskets in a secure and pleasant manner.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins must also be decorated with confetti.

Make use of Confetti to brighten up any occasion or event. You've got unlimited number of ideas you can apply to make your event something everybody will not forget.