Bulk Confetti - Available in Different Sizes, Including Sleeves, Bags, Pounds, Cases and more

Ultimate guideline to confetti

Confetti is a sign of celebration whenever we see it. There's a huge range of confetti types you can select from, which means you could find the ideal one for your upcoming event. Pounds of confetti are required for huge events in contrary to small events, that only need a few ounces, or so. In terms of planning an event and ensuring the decorations, invitations, and the event itself is colorful, there are guidelines to keep in mind when selecting confetti for sale.

Confetti Types to Choose from

Confetti are available in any color, and that means you also have a wide variety of options for an event theme. The material where your confetti is constructed from is your focus for now.

There are two main types of confetti - the tissues and metallic confetti. The real difference is in their weight and their surface’s texture. Metallic confetti has a shiny finish and is heavier than tissue confetti that has a matter finish. Metallic confetti is your choice if you'd like to have a glittering effect inside your venue. If you're searching for a good type of metallic confetti, choose the glitter confetti.

Confetti is now available in “corkscrew”, custom die cut, and streamer shapes. If you wish to highlight your party theme effectively, buy mylar confetti which has a great shape. Many of the most well-known shapes are square and rectangular.

Just How Much Confetti Do You Need

Choose the confetti amount that would best about how you will launch it. When you buy mylar confetti in ounces (confetti sleeves) or pounds of confetti (confetti bags), make sure that your option is ideal for your venue size and your preferred effects.

Confetti sleeves would be good enough for smaller parties. There are four ounces of confetti in each of the confetti sleeves. This is enough to fill one confetti cannon blaster. You could also purchase confetti sleeves refill for confetti cannon that is convenient.

Buy mylar confetti by the pound to receive four times more confetti. One-pound confetti bags are best for a much larger event. Consider the place and time you'll drop confetti to select the best pounds of confetti to buy.

Confetti by the pound is the perfect option for medium to large celebrations. You can also buy mylar confetti by the pound even whether you are utilizing a huge venue or a small room. Confetti bags could be fired using launchers or dropped manually from above. You may also use confetti by the pound and confetti bags for decorating gifts.

Buy mylar confetti for sale if you will be hosting big events. This is great for huge venues like parades and stadiums.

How to Launch Confetti

You could drop confetti from a bigger place. For mechanical launching of confetti, use a hand cannon, electric cannon or confetti blower. You can choose which launchers to use depending upon how grand you want the confetti effects should be. Stores offering confetti for sale should also have confetti cannon rentals, but you're suggested to buy one if your organization or business is hosting parties frequently.

Where to buy mylar confetti

West Coast Confetti offers confetti for sale. West Coast Confetti offers lots of varieties of confetti. When you buy mylar confetti from West Coast confetti, you pay the wholesale price for pounds of confetti or those in bags. Those who are in the USA will the shipment in time.