Get the Party Started with West Coast Confetti

Confetti is small pieces of material that are thrown at parades, sporting events, along with other festive occasions. Materials like Paper Confetti (PC), mylar and metal are utilized to make them. You can just match colors to fit a particular theme of an event. The use of PC has progressed to include numerous textures and types. There are many confetti types and colours you can get from West Coast Confetti.


The PC has a number of features which are both fun and safe simultaneously. This confetti varies in size from 0.75 to 2 inches and it is also flame resistant, bio-degradable, and color-fast. It could glide slowly in the air that is something fun to watch. Make all this possible when you buy from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

This confetti is made from metalized PVC, great for making general events magical as it floats in the air and shines against the light. The Gold foil confetti features high resilience and great style, which are two factors that you need in celebrating your event.

Specialty Shapes

The paper Confetti has a wide range of shapes, from circles to hearts to stars, which will certainly fit any requirements you might have. On the other hand, you could choose what suits you among the kinds with the PC being a common choice for many, and it's because it is available in flag shape and the red, white and blue; Its design is mainly for patriotic celebrations, and the red heart confetti that is suitable for banquets. You've got unlimited number of options, so you'll definitely find what type of confetti you're looking for. Following the Gold foil confetti when it comes to popularity are rainbow tissue confetti and snowflake shaped confetti.

Table Confetti

In preparation for events, one might decorate tables with the Gold foil confetti along with other spectrum of colors available. The confetti colours quickly spruce up any occasion whether it is casual or formal. It has also become common to embellish the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an event.

Water-Soluble Confetti

For a minimal impact on the landscape, you might pick the water-soluble confetti. It could also shine when reflected in the sunlight. This rice paper form of confetti will just dissolve. This confetti is also lighter, which is good if you want more confetti than the typical package.


Cryo guns and electric cannons are the equipment used to disperse small amounts of the Confetti and dispersal of huge Confetti amounts requires a Cannon. The Cannon allows confetti to go airborne, giving the crowd delightful scenery. If you need a confetti tool that can be used individually, you might want to try the hand cannon.

More Confetti Uses

You cannot just use confetti for parties. You can also use Confetti for:

- Decorating tables
- Beautifying flower vases
- Making balloons colorful by dipping them in Confetti
- Decorating Lanterns and candles
- Making an area or wall looks brighter
- Decorating Valentine cards
- The Gold foil confetti and also the PC form outstanding backdrops for photo shoots
- Decorating Easter eggs
- Making the wardrobe brighter
- Wrapping a gift
- Decorating pumpkins with the fall colors

Utilize Confetti to brighten any occasion or event. There are absolutely no limitations to how much you could achieve decorating your surroundings if you have an event that you would like to make unforgettable.