Get the Assistance of West Coast Confetti to Provide your Event Needs

Throwing confetti is an activity that is expected at parades, sports events and festivities. Materials such as Paper Confetti (PC), mylar and metal are utilized to make them. Colors could be matched to a particular venue or team event. You now have a lot of textures and types to select from in terms of the usage of PC. West Coast Confetti has all of the confetti types and colours.


The PC is not just exciting for the party but safe as well. This confetti varies in size from 0.75 to 2 inches and it's also flame resistant, biodegradable, and color-fast. Furthermore, it is fun to use and admire due to its particularity to fall slowly. Make the possible in your event by purchasing this item from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

Besides paper confetti, the Green foil confetti, made from metalized PVC, is perfect to celebrate any outdoor or indoor occasion, like a corporate group gathering. The metallic confetti not just floats down but also reflects against the spotlight, providing a cooler effect at the event. The confetti also features resilience aside from its elegance.

Specialty Shapes

A few of the options you can have are kinds of confetti shapes, from stars, circles, red hears, or patriotic colored flags. The company even provides custom designs. Also you can pump up your celebration with rainbow tissue confetti or the lovely snowflake confetti. If you need something popular, consider Green foil confetti.

Table Confetti

Green foil confetti has distinct colors and shapes, making it ideal for table decorations. You may also opt to customize this type of table confetti to appear as words, like Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

Water-Soluble Confetti

Outdoor events should be using the water-soluble rice paper confetti, because it minimizes effects on the landscape. It's dissolvable meaning it has minimal effect on the government, and its lightness means you can get more Confetti paper.


You can disperse small quantities of confetti using cryo guns and electric cannons whereas dispersing bulk amounts of confetti will need cannon. The Cannon shoots Confetti in the air, giving a fantastic display to the audience. Fun with the Confetti tools does not end there, as tools like the hand cannon may be used for individual use.

Some other Uses of Confetti

Confetti is more than just a party accessory.

Make your flower pots, tables, and wrapping paper, energetic using these sparkling confetti.

Furthermore, confetti is remarkable as a temporary or permanent fix for your walls. Many will definitely find the surrounding area interesting.

You may also setup an area full of confetti and dip balloons in it. Make use of various colors for a more exciting effect, or drop the confetti from above to achieve a more magical moment.

You could also decorate confetti along with lanterns and the popular decorative candles.

For perfect photos, use the Green foil confetti or PC as background adornments.

Confetti may even adorn your shoes, hair bands, our outfits.

Make your gift jar look great simply by filling it with confetti.

In the Easter Celebration, don’t lose out on designing the Eggs and baskets with confetti.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins must also be decorated with confetti.

This just means that confetti is a flexible decoration. By making use of your imagination, you can certainly come up with great ideas for decoration.