Ideal Confetti Shapes, Styles, and kinds for Your Occasion

Choosing the Best Type of Confetti for Your Party

There's something mystical and magical about confetti. Regardless of the size of the party, confetti will help make it more extravagant. You could count on this one. There's a wide array of confetti you can choose from. No matter which shape or color, the confetti of your selection won't fail to bring the party excitement. Keep reading to know more variety of confetti you can select from.

Confetti Hearts for Your Big Day

One of your best life memories is your wedding day. Imagine the scenery and the party. How much fun would it be for everybody if confetti hearts were gently falling from the ceiling in your reception? After many years, the presentation of the confetti would always be something to not forget. It is also best to shoot pictures of your wedding that have confetti hearts in the air as a background scene.

Your anniversary is the best date for surprising your girl with confetti hearts. You will definitely surprise her when the confetti falls from the ceiling as she enters the area. A detailed plan like this will make her very happy.

The Valentine's Day party you're hosting can also use the special confetti hearts. You'll see the expression of joy coming from your invited guests as they are covered in confetti hearts on the dance floor.

The Flexibility of Mylar black confetti dots

There's something very masculine about circular confetti. Mylar black confetti dots add a touch of masculinity to a Bachelor's party or any kind of other male party. The yearly Superbowl is also a great event to make use of mylar black confetti dots. You can utilize it anyway you want mainly because many users have found mylar black confetti dots to be versatile.

Empty eggshells can be utilized with mylar black confetti dots during Easter parties. Mylar black confetti dots can be used to fill the eggshells. They can be cracked on guests’ heads without worrying about cleaning up later.

Pick Dot Confetti for Your Occasion

Dropping dot confetti from the ceiling is a great way to get a better environment of your bachelorette and birthday celebration. If you want versatility, then this form of confetti is your top choice. One method to begin a fun night is to get the confetti falling from above.

Utilize Shiny Confetti for Big Events

New Year’s Party is a huge event which could need careful planning. You don't have to worry about that when you have shiny confetti prepared for such party. Shiny confetti shimmers when reflected by the light, making the event more fascinating. It is good to possess shiny confetti all over when you're welcoming the New Year.

Highlighting certain matches and concerts is effective by shooting shiny confetti around. This type of confetti would be ideal for winning moments.

Get West Coast Confetti

There's a wide selection of confetti available. There's confetti hearts, mylar black confetti dots, dot confetti and shiny confetti. It is up to you to decide which style best suits your needs and the event in which you need it. West Coast Confetti can provide you with the magical, mystical confetti for your next big event. West Coast Confetti has a wide variety of confetti for a wedding, a bachelor's party, or New Year's Eve. Don't wait and visit us today!