Confetti Sizes and types: Sleeves, Pounds, Bags, Cases and many more

What is Confetti?

Confetti somehow speaks celebration even when it hasn't been used yet. You can choose the most appropriate confetti for the event you'll host since there is wide variety of kinds available. Pounds of confetti are needed for big events in contrary to small events, that only need a few ounces, or so. Be guided on how to select confetti for sale so you can carefully an event and make everything perfect, from decorations, invitations, and also the theme of the event.

Kind of Confetti

There's a wide range of confetti color available for any theme, brand, or type of event. Now, you should focus on the confetti material you want to use.

You could ask for 2 kinds of confetti according to the material they're made from: tissue and mylar confetti by the pound. The tissue confetti is lightweight and matte in texture. The mylar confetti by the pound has a shimmery finish with a slightly heavier weight. Glitter confetti falls under the category of mylar confetti by the pound. Lots of people pick mylar confetti by the pound as it shines when it hits the light.

Confetti has new shapes such as “corkscrew”, streamer, and custom die cut. People who intend to buy confetti must make the shape a factor since it helps bring out the theme of the party. Some of the most popular shapes are square and rectangular.

Amount of Confetti You Need

The size of your party should tell whether you will need a few ounces (confetti sleeves) or pounds of confetti (confetti bags). When you buy confetti, you should be sure the amount will accommodate the entire venue.

The ideal choice for smaller events is confetti sleeves. There are four ounces of confetti in each of the confetti sleeves. This is enough to fill one confetti cannon blaster. Confetti sleeves are created for filling up confetti cannon for your convenience.

Buy mylar confetti by the pound to receive 4 times more confetti. It is suggested to order one-pound confetti bags when you next event is larger. Consider the place and time you'll drop confetti to select the best pounds of confetti to buy.

Many buy mylar confetti by the pound since it can be utilized in several ways. One example is you can include confetti bags inside gift bags. Mylar confetti by the pound can be used in both huge event and small personal parties. For smaller parties, it's a great idea to drop confetti bags from the ceiling while big outdoor events would be perfect when confetti is launched in to the air.

Certain amount of confetti is designed for stadium tournaments, parades, along with other official town events. Confetti for sale are available for major events like these.

Perfect Ways to Launch Confetti

You could drop confetti from a higher place. For a simpler launching, use a hand cannon, confetti blower, or electric cannon. If you want a grander effect, use bigger launchers. Stores offering confetti for sale must also have confetti cannon rentals, but you're advised to purchase one if your organization or business is hosting parties often.

Great Place to Buy Confetti

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