Blow your Crowd Away with a Mylar confetti cannon

Using a mylar confetti cannon, confetti could be catapulted into the air, so that it could fall down slowly around the venue of parades, celebrations, games, and parties. The confetti canon itself is a tube which comes with a small container with nitrogen or air to launch the confetti. The canon can be custom-loaded with confetti in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. The cannons are simple to operate, fun and safe for use both outside and inside.

Rain Happiness on Any Parade

If you'd like to add a positive and lively environment in your next event, simply make use of mylar confetti cannons. Cannons would make your event more enjoyable. Nobody can resist them; young or old, everyone loves the atmosphere confetti streaming down overhead creates, and it looks outstanding in pictures.

Bring a Wide Sprectum of colours

A mylar confetti cannon is capable of doing bursting several different colors, adding more pleasure to the party. People can't help but smile as they witness a burst of confetti fired by cannon in to the air. It creates an excellent effect that could instantly transform any gathering into an event people will never forget. The cannons add more entertainment in any gathering, be it big or small. Launching such splendid cascade of color is a great way to enliven product promotions, weddings, stage productions, or any other celebrations.

West Coast Confetti

You would like to make sure that your event will be handled by professional individuals. You don't wish to end up getting amateur providers. We'll follow up your event needs after you give the important information, such as location, setting, and budget. We've got seasoned personnel at West Coast Confetti, ready to fulfill your preferences in terms of confetti and cannons and make your event as fun as possible.

What are the Forms of Mylar confetti cannons?

Seeing confetti gliding in mid-air is just magical and it really makes people satisfied. That is the main reason why there are lots of types of confetti, thus enabling you to find different options to make your party interesting. There are those which are placed on tables and stages, handheld ones and electric and non-electric cannons. There are various sizes, styles, and colours you can pick from. The sum of money you are willing to spend should not be a bother to you at all for prices are friendly.

Confetti Makes A Difference

You don't have to be at a campaign rally, concert, or festival to reap the abundant benefits of a splash of confetti. You can also see it in companies celebrating their increase in sales. You cannot hold on to a bad mood in the face of such an exuberant, irresistible symbol of happiness, hope, and overflowing goodwill. Make the call to West Coast Confetti and we'll make something special happen for you.