Bulk Confetti - Available in Various Sizes, Including Sleeves, Bags, Pounds, Cases and more

Best confetti guide

Hosting a party can become easily exciting because of confetti, which somehow gives you a celebrative feel. You can find your ideal choice from many forms of confetti for sale. For small events, you can purchase ounces of confetti only, but you'll need pounds of confetti to make sure they cover big venues for huge events. The extensive varieties of confetti for sale are an assurance that having bright and vibrant decorations, party effects, and invitation cards are just within your grasps.

Confetti Variations

Choose the best material your confetti is made from. You could attain the theme you want for your party since you can look for a variety of confetti colors.

There are two materials used to make confetti, such as tissue and mylar confetti cases. The real difference is in their weight and their surface’s texture. Mylar confetti cases have a shiny finish and are heavier than tissue confetti that has a matter finish. Those who want their confetti to shine in the light can choose mylar confetti cases. If you're searching for a good form of mylar confetti cases, select the glitter confetti.

There are “corkscrew”, custom die cut, and streamer shapes of confetti now. When you buy confetti, always think about the shape because it could emphasize your party theme. Though many people go for rectangular and square shapes, there are numerous shape variations available.

Perfect Amount of Confetti to Order

You can pick from a few ounces (confetti sleeves) or pounds of confetti (mylar confetti cases) for your particular party size. Buy confetti that enhances the size of the venue.

There is a convenient way to load confetti cannons. This is where you must buy confetti sleeves that are equivalent to 4 ounces of confetti. This pack of confetti sleeves is enough to fill a confetti cannon blaster. The confetti sleeves are also perfect for hosting small events.

Huge events will need you to buy confetti by the pound. You get four times one confetti sleeve in one-pound mylar confetti cases. To know how many pounds of confetti you should get, think about which method you want to drop it.

Parties which are medium to large may use confetti by the pound. You may also buy confetti by the pound even whether you're utilizing a huge venue or a small room. There are 2 ways to unload confetti: drop it from above manually or use launchers to fire it. You can also utilize confetti by the pound and mylar confetti cases for decorating gifts.

There is also confetti which is great for parades, stadiums, town events, along with other venues. These big events would need confetti for sale.

How to Fire Confetti Properly?

If the venue has a second floor or a high platform, confetti can be manually dropped from there to the audience below. If not, you can use a launcher and blow the confetti from the ground level. Hand cannon would be enough for small occasions, while electric cannon or confetti blower should be utilized in bigger venues or events since it is efficient in covering the whole area. Confetti cannon rentals are made available by providers of confetti for sale. But if you will be hosting events many times, it will be best to buy cannon.

The Top Provider of Confetti

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