Kinds of Confetti, Available in Bags, Pounds, Cases, and Sleeves

Ultimate guide to confetti

Confetti somehow speaks celebration even when it hasn't been used yet. You may choose the most appropriate confetti for the event you will host because there is wide selection of kinds available. Huge events will need pounds of confetti rather than a few ounces, which are only good for small events. In terms of planning an event and making sure the decorations, invitations, as well as the event itself is colorful, there are guidelines to keep in mind when picking mylar confetti for sale.

Confetti Types to Choose from

Select the right material your confetti is made with. Whatever theme you are going for, you're sure to achieve it simply because confetti is available in every colour.

Tissue and metallic confetti are two types of confetti currently available. The tissue features lightness and a matte texture. The metallic confetti has a shimmery finish with a slightly heavier weight. Glitter confetti falls under the category of metallic confetti. Metallic confetti is a well-known choice because its ability to shine in the light.

There are “corkscrew”, custom die cut, and streamer shapes of confetti now. When you buy confetti, always think about the shape because it could emphasize your party theme. Though most people go for rectangular and square shapes, there are numerous shape variations available.

How Much Confetti Do You Need

Depending on your party size, you must pick pounds of confetti (confetti bags) or a few ounces (confetti sleeves). Buy confetti that enhances the size of the venue.

You can load confetti cannons handily. This is by buying confetti sleeves that have four ounces of confetti. If you'd like to have a fully loaded confetti cannon blaster, just add a pack of confetti sleeves in it. The confetti sleeves can also suit well with small celebrations.

Up to four times more confetti could be acquired when you buy confetti by the pound. It is suggested to order one-pound confetti bags when you next event is bigger. Think about the place and time you'll drop confetti to choose the ideal pounds of confetti to buy.

Parties that are medium to large may use confetti by the pound. Whatever size of venue you've got, you could still select confetti by the pound. There are launchers where confetti bags can be unloaded or the confetti can be dropped manually from above. If you want to decorate gift wraps, confetti bags and confetti by the pound may also be of great use.

If you are hosting official town events like parades or stadium matches, you may use confetti for big venues. Mylar confetti for sale are available for major events like these.

How to Launch Confetti

One could go to a higher place to drop confetti. For mechanical launching of confetti, use a hand cannon, electric cannon or confetti blower. If you need a grander effect, use bigger launchers. You may avail confetti cannon rental from providers of mylar confetti for sale, but if it’s your job to host parties, you will have to purchase your own.

Areas to Buy Confetti

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