Confetti Types, Styles and Shapes for any Event

Wow them with various kinds of Confetti for Your Special Event

If you think of party, you think confetti. Its existence in the venue helps lift guests’ spirits. Having confetti to throw in birthday events or wedding celebrations create a better party vibe. There is always room for confetti in large or small gatherings. Lots of people utilize it because there are plenty of options to choose from. You know that when confetti is around, the event will always be fun, irrespective of its color or shape. Read on to know more concerning the various varieties of confetti.

Make use of Confetti Hearts for Your Party

Your best life memory is your wedding. Just imagine everything about the event, from the ceremony to the party. Nothing will be more special than seeing confetti hearts falling and gliding mid-air. After many years, the presentation of the confetti would always be something to not forget. Your wedding could be made unforgettable in pictures as well with the help of confetti hearts in the air.

For an intimate anniversary day, you should also add confetti hearts on the listing. Creativity is key here; like setting up the confetti to fall down from the doorway as she walks towards the door. This is one way to make a big day best.

Guests of your Valentine’s Day occasion will enjoy the confetti hearts you'll let fall on the dance floor. The confetti hearts would simply fit the party theme.

Do More with Mylar white confetti dots

Mylar white confetti dots have numerous uses. Male events would need mylar white confetti dots to attain a better celebrative ambiance of the occasion. Bachelor’s parties must be masculine, and having mylar white confetti dots is another way to attain it. To be able to highlight the winning moments of the Superbowl game and similar occasions, the mylar white confetti dots must be on the scene.

Easter occasions could use empty eggshells with mylar white confetti dots to use for fun actions. The eggs could be filled with mylar white confetti dots instead of the real ones. The confetti will add colour when the eggs are cracked on guests for fun.

Dot Confetti for your upcoming Big Party

Dot confetti is ideal for birthday parties and Bachelorette events. This kind of confetti is also versatile. Imagine the faces of your birthday party once they feel the magical moment when this confetti is thrown in the air.

Shiny Confetti For that Special Upscale Celebration

If your upcoming event is going to be big, make use of shiny confetti to wow the guests. Shiny confetti shimmers when the light hits it and gives your visitors something to discuss. If you can easily get everyone to enjoy your New Year’s Eve Party with shiny confetti, why don't you do it? Have the great New Year come as shiny confetti fall in your guests.

Shimmery confetti is very efficient in highlighting the best portions of sports matches and concerts. To better commemorate winning moments, this kind of confetti would be useful.

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