Why You Need West Coast Confetti for your Party?

With the help of confetti, parades, sports events, and other festive occasions will certainly be livelier. Whatever them your event has, there is a color of confetti that will match with it. This is possible due to the assortment of materials they could be built from, like mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Your party can have any of them with the service of West Coast Confetti.


The confetti may range from .75 to 2 inches in length along with their common features include fire-resistance and color-fast. Paper Confetti is a spectacle when tossed in the air simply to fall slowly. This is quite possible because it made from bio-degradable paper. West Coast Confetti can cater to just about any events.

Metallic confetti

Created from metalized PVC, it's suitable for all general events for groups due to its unique effect of catching the light as it floats after being tossed in the air. The Orange foil confetti is resilient than all the other paper Confetti, and it's no doubt that it's the most stylish way of celebrating an event since it turns it in to a memorable one.

Specialty Shapes

The shapes of confetti, from stars, circles, red hearts for your beloved banquet, or patriotic colored flags are just some of the choices you have from an unlimited selection. You can even request for tailored shapes and designs. Make your occasion special with wonderful snowflake confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. It is good to know that the current popular choice is Orange foil confetti.

Table Confetti

In spite of the Orange foil confetti unlimited colours, it also accommodates many occasions and functions, one popular purpose being to decorate tables in events. Any casual or formal event can look fantastic with the confetti colors. The Confetti can also be arranged to form words like Congratulation and Happy Birthday.

Water-Soluble Confetti

The water-soluble Confetti created from the rice paper is mainly suitable for events allocated outside; this is mainly because it reduces reaction with the landscape. Its dissolvable meaning it has minimal effect on the government, and its lightness means you can get more Confetti paper.


West Coast Confetti also offers tools which could disperse confetti. Huge amounts of confetti needs confetti cannon to be blown in to the air. For less demanding tasks, choose cryo guns and electric cannons. If you want to amaze each one of your audiences, give them hand cannons.

Fun Uses for Confetti

Confetti is more than just a party accessory. You can also utilize Confetti for:

- Dressing up tables
- Brightening flower vases
- Adding more colours to the balloons by dipping them into Confetti
- Making lanterns and candles look more special
- Brightening an area or wall decorations
- Making Valentine cards look beautiful
- The Orange foil confetti and the PC form exceptional backdrops for photo shoots
- Making Easter eggs look special
- Making the wardrobe brighter
- Gift wrapping
- Decorating pumpkins with the fall colors

Utilize Confetti to brighten up any special occasion or event. Just expand your imagination and you'll have many great decoration tips on making your event remarkable and special.