West Coast Confetti: Your One-stop Shop for Your Party Necessities

Simply to clarify, we're talking about those small bits of material, named confetti that could certainly brighten festive events, like parades, sports events, along with other occasions you might think of. They also come in distinct colors that will surely match your event themes. This is possible because of the assortment of materials they can be built from, like mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Let's all benefit from the fact that West Coast Confetti could now provide your party with all desired kinds of confetti and matching colors.


Some of the primary features of most PC includes its capacity to fall slowly, color-fast and fire-resistant. You can select .75 up to 2 inches in size. Commonly, paper confetti is made of bio-degradable paper, Shop West Coast Confetti for all of your party needs.

Metallic confetti

For general events, this metalized PVC-made confetti is ideal since it is capable of floating in the air elegantly while catching the light to shimmer in mid-air. With regards to resilience and style, the Orange mylar confetti is the best choice for your event.

Specialty Shapes

The paper Confetti can be personalized to fit all of your requirements; any shape from circles, hearts to stars can be created to fulfil the order. There are also flag shaped confetti for patriotic events and read heart confetti for banquets. Many are also opting for the PC, so you may want to consider it as your selection. The choices are unlimited, and there is no way that you're likely to miss what fascinates you. Rainbow tissue Confetti and snowflake shaped confetti are other common types of Confetti, but the most popular Confetti is the Orange mylar confetti.

Table Confetti

In preparation for events, one may decorate tables with the Orange mylar confetti and other spectrum of colours available. Any casual or formal event can look fantastic with the confetti colors. The Confetti could also be arranged to form words like Congratulation and Happy Birthday.

Water-Soluble Confetti

If you wish for the confetti to reflect in the sunlight and are also concerned about the effect of your actions on the landscape, then water-soluble confetti is your option. This rice paper type of confetti will just dissolve. This confetti is also lightweight, which means you could get more of it than what you could have from the common package.


There are also tools you can get from West Coast Confetti that can shoot confetti effectively. Confetti cannon are efficient in blowing considerable amounts of confetti into the air. Smaller jobs just need cryo guns and electric cannons. If you want to amaze each of your audiences, give them hand cannons.

Fun Uses for Confetti

Confetti is not only used as party accessories.

Make your flower pots, tables, and wrapping paper, energetic using these sparkling confetti.

You could also opt to place your confetti on your walls temporarily or permanently. The surrounding area will rejoice everybody.

Another enchanting idea is to dip or to fill a balloon with confetti. Create a mix of colours for impact, or let it burst in to a hail of sparkle.

Confetti is also perfect decorations alongside lanterns and decorative candles.

The PC or Orange mylar confetti are great background decorations for photography shooting or even whole photography sessions.

Confetti can come in handy, for those who wish to light up the favourite pair of shoes, a hair band, or perhaps to accessorize a new outfit.

Would you like to have a wonderful gift jar? All you need to do is fill it with confetti.

In the Easter Celebration, don’t lose out on decorating the Eggs and baskets with confetti.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins should also be decorated with confetti.

There are so many usages for confetti that the list can go on and on. All you need are classy pieces of confetti and a bit of imagination to make an excellent decoration for your event.