Get the Party Started with West Coast Confetti

Simply to clarify, we're talking about those small bits of material, named confetti, which could definitely brighten festive events, like parades, sporting events, along with other occasions you could think of. Whatever them your event has, there is a colour of confetti that will match with it. Depending on the kind of material, you could pick from mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). The best source of all confetti types and colors is the West Coast Confetti.


The PC is not only exciting for the party but safe as well. This kind of paper confetti, with 0.75 to 2 inches size variation, is safe due to its color- fast, flame resistance, and bio-degradable characteristics. Moreover, it's fun to use and admire due to its particularity to fall slowly. Make the possible in your event by buying this item from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

For general events, this metalized PVC-made confetti is good since it is capable of floating in the air elegantly while catching the light to shimmer in mid-air. When it comes to resilience and style, the Pink foil confetti is the best choice for your event.

Specialty Shapes

You could also have tailor-made confetti. Whether you need circles, stars or hearts, it could be specialized only for what you need. PC is just one of many selections you've got. If you will have a patriotic celebration, choose the flag shape and the red, white and blue colored confetti and if you'll have banquets, go for red heart confetti. Other options include snowflake shaped confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. Open your imagination to acquire more ideas. Pink foil confetti tops the list with regards to popularity.

Table Confetti

Pink foil confetti can also be used for decorating tables. There are several colors and shapes of Pink foil confetti. You may also arrange the confetti on the table to form words such as Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Whether your occasion is formal or casual, these colors will surely brighten it up.

Water-Soluble Confetti For a minimal effect on the landscape, you might choose the water-soluble confetti. It could also shine when reflected in the sunlight. This confetti type is dissolvable. This confetti is also lighter, which is good if you want more confetti than the typical package.


There are also tools you could get from West Coast Confetti that can shoot confetti efficiently. For large amounts of confetti, there is a confetti cannon that could blow and push out confetti for a grand display. For smaller jobs, there are cryo guns and electric cannons. If you'd like to amaze each one of your audiences, give them hand cannons.

Other Decorative Functions of Confetti

Confetti can be used in a wide array of ways that are not limited to just party accessories.

• Confetti may serve as decorations for tables, flower pots, and wrapping papers.
• Put confetti in each balloon that you like to burst later so you can achieve a blast of colour at the event. Dip balloons in confetti to add to the drama of the colours.
• You could use confetti to decorate with candles and lanterns.
• Confetti works great as a wall decoration for a temporary fix or leave them up to brighten up any area.
• Pink foil confetti or PC is perfect decorations on the backdrops used for photo shoots. Those valentine cards should also be decorated with confetti.
• Make your Easter Eggs and baskets look enchanting by gluing confetti on them.
• Enhance something with confetti. Put it on your shoes or your hair band to brighten up any wardrobe.
• Confetti is also a great decoration for your gift jar. Confetti can be filled inside and used to cover outside. Adults and kids alike will definitely love to get it.
• In Halloweens, you might also utilize confetti to decorate pumpkins. You could decorate with fall colors or make your own special Jack O Lantern.

Utilize Confetti to brighten any occasion or event. Just expand your imagination and you'll have many great decoration tips on making your event unforgettable and special.