Make use of Pink mylar confetti cannon to Wow the Crowd

Pink mylar confetti cannons are effective at launching confetti up in the air at indoor or outdoor events. They are filled with nitrogen canisters which allow the equipment to launch any kind of confetti.

Rain Happiness on Any Parade

The cannon would offer the best effects for any occasions, such as graduation and birthday celebrations, match celebrations, New Year Eve fetes, and social gatherings. There's something patriotic when confetti rains down on the crowd as they sing the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of july. The picture perfect moment to take during the event is when confetti falls down on the crowd.

Make the Venue Colourful

A pink mylar confetti cannon elevates the amount of fun and energy through the course of colour that it brings about. Firing confetti in to the air simply leaves people mesmerized and smiling as it falls down on them with elegance. With the use of the cannon, a simple celebration can become remarkable mainly because it can create a wonderful and spectacular effect. The cannon could engage any group in social affairs small or expansive. This provides great color effects in weddings, award events, and product promotions.

West Coast Confetti

Obviously, you want your event to be in the hands of the professionals. Watch out for fake and inexperienced ones. We will follow up your event needs after you give the needed details, like location, setting, and budget. We've got seasoned personnel at West Coast Confetti, willing to fulfill your needs in terms of confetti and cannons and make your event as fun as possible.

Kinds Of Pink mylar confetti cannons

There are a variety of types of cannons accessible that could be used to release confetti into the air at your get-together. There are handheld cannons, electric and non-electric cannons, as well as cannons that could be set up on platforms such as tabletop, and stage. They even have varying colors, styles, and sizes. You could certainly find the cannon that suit your budget and the type of event you are having. There is something incredibly magical about seeing confetti fluttering through the air that makes people enjoy themselves more.

Confetti Matters in Any Event

Launching confetti towards the sky is undoubtedly an effective way to make dull events full of life. Their attitude will change in an instant. You do not need to be keen to observe people screeching and seeing their eyes illuminate in response to multi-colored sparkling confetti drifting down towards them. Parades, political events along with other occasions might use the pink mylar confetti cannons. They can be used to glamour up birthday parties and office gatherings. All of these fantastic effects will be possible once you call West Coast Confetti.