Confetti Types and Sizes: Sleeves, Pounds, Bags, Cases and many other

Confetti Selection 101

Confetti is over the list of things that give you celebration feels. Various kinds of celebrations need various amounts and types of confetti. You might only need a few ounces for smaller parties, but you need to prepare pounds of mylar confetti if you want to successful host a huge party.

Reflect the party vibe on your decorations and invitations, but before searching for the perfect confetti for sale, there are a few points you should know.

Types of Confetti

Your events’ theme will definitely get fitting confetti because there are various sorts of color available, regardless of what your brand, theme, or party type is. Now, you should focus on the confetti material you would like to use.

There are 2 main kinds of confetti - the tissues and metallic confetti. They differ in weight and texture of their surface. Metallic confetti looks shiny while tissue confetti looks matte and the former is heavier. Metallic confetti is great at shining in the lights of the party. If you're searching for a good type of metallic confetti, choose the glitter confetti.

Confetti has new shapes like “corkscrew”, streamer, and custom die cut. People who intend to buy confetti must make the shape a factor since it helps bring out the theme of the party. Great examples of shape variations are rectangular and square.

The Amount of Confetti You Need For Your Party

The size of the event and the method of throwing can affect options when you buy confetti and how much confetti you need. Depending on what effect you're going for, you can need ounces (confetti sleeves) or pounds of mylar confetti (confetti bags).

For smaller events, confetti sleeves are a good choice. When you plan to blast one confetti cannon only, you can use the confetti sleeves, which has around four ounces of confetti in it. Small events and parties can use this. Confetti sleeves come prepackaged for loading in to confetti cannon, so it’s very easy to use.

Huge parties will require you to buy confetti by the pound. Four times one confetti sleeve is in one-pound confetti bags. The method of dropping it should also be a consideration to how many pounds of mylar confetti you'll need.

Launchers could be loaded with confetti from Confetti bags and dropped from above. Confetti by the pound is a good option for medium-to-large sized events and parties. To ensure a great effect for both large and small venues, it is better if you buy confetti by the pound. Confetti by the pound comes in confetti bags, which is also ideal for gift wrapping or gift bags.

There are also confetti for sale made to highlight large-scale events. Huge events like stadium matches and parades will definitely need confetti as decorations.

Launching Confetti the correct way

If the venue has a second floor or a high platform, confetti could be manually dropped from there to the crowd below. Otherwise, you could fire the confetti using a launcher from the ground. Small-scale events can use hand cannon, but bigger venues and big events can use the electric cannon or confetti blower to ensure every inch of the area is covered. Confetti for sale providers might also be able to provide you confetti cannon rentals, but you can buy your own personal cannon if you are frequently hosting parties or your line of work is hosting events.

Ideal Place to Buy Confetti

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