West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Occasion Needs

You can make your festive events and sports events more exciting by adding confetti as adornment. Whatever them your event has, there's a color of confetti that will match with it. This is possible because of the assortment of materials they can be built from, like mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Let's all benefit from the fact that West Coast Confetti could now provide your party with all desired kinds of confetti and matching colors.


They are known to be fire-resistant and color-fast, with sizes varying from .75 to 2 inches. Paper Confetti is also made to be bio-degradable and they fall slowly in the air, which is exciting to see. West Coast Confetti can cater to just about any events.

Metallic confetti

If you wish to celebrate your event stylishly, choose Rainbow mylar confetti. Metallic confetti will surely improve the entire presentation of corporate group events when it floats down while reflecting the light. Created from metalized PVC, this confetti is more resilient than regular paper confetti.

Specialty Shapes

In terms of confetti shapes, you can choose from red hearts, circles, stars, and patriotic colored flags. You name it, and it can be tailored to your exact needs. Make your occasion special with wonderful snowflake confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. It's great to know that the current popular choice is Rainbow mylar confetti.

Table Confetti

Rainbow mylar confetti has distinct colours and shapes, making it perfect for table decorations. You might also choose to customize this type of table confetti to appear as words, like Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

Water-Soluble Confetti

The water-soluble Confetti created from rice paper causes minimal reaction on the landscape, thus making it a fantastic choice for outdoor events. Its lightness makes it a perfect option if you need a lot of Confetti paper on the venue and since it could be dissolved, you won't worry about harming the environment.


At West Coast Confetti you could also find different dispersing tools for your needs, From hand cannons, for individual usage, to cryo guns, for medium amounts of confetti, to the cannons which are very efficient for a spectacular exhibit of big quantities of confetti.

Some other Uses of Confetti

Confetti can be used in a wide selection of ways which are not limited to just party accessories.

• Confetti can serve as decorations for tables, flower pots, and wrapping papers.
• Put confetti in every balloon that you like to burst later so you could achieve a blast of colour at the event. Dip balloons in confetti to add to the drama of the colors.
• You can utilize confetti to decorate with candles and lanterns.
• Confetti could be used to decorate a wall or to brighten up any area.
• You might also want to decorate photo shoot backgrounds with PC or Rainbow mylar confetti. Don't forget to make use of confetti on those valentine cards, also.
• Make your Easter Eggs and baskets look magical by gluing confetti on them.
• How about adding accessories with confetti? Look nice by place confetti in your hair band or shoes.
• You can also present a gift jar full of confetti. Just place the item inside and cover with confetti. You will bring smiles to any age recipient.
• In Halloweens, you may also utilize confetti to decorate pumpkins. You could decorate with fall colors or create your own special Jack O Lantern.

Confetti is a great way to lighten up different events and celebrations. There are absolutely no limits to how much you can achieve decorating your surroundings when you have an event that you would like to make unforgettable.