Get the Help of West Coast Confetti to Provide your Event Needs

Simply to clarify, we are speaking about those small bits of material, named confetti, which could certainly brighten festive events, such as parades, sporting events, along with other occasions you might think of. They also come in different colors that will certainly match your event themes. This is possible because of the assortment of materials they can be built from, like mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Let's all benefit from the fact that West Coast Confetti could now provide your party with all desired types of confetti and matching colors.


The PC isn't only exciting for the party but safe as well. This confetti varies in size from 0.75 to 2 inches and it's also flame resistant, biodegradable, and color-fast. Additionally, it is fun to use and admire due to its particularity to fall slowly. Make the possible in your event by purchasing this item from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

For general occasions, this metalized PVC-made confetti is perfect since it is capable of floating in the air elegantly while catching the light to shimmer in mid-air. The Red foil confetti is durable than the rest of the paper Confetti, and it's no doubt that it's the most stylish way of celebrating an event since it turns it into a memorable one.

Specialty Shapes

In terms of confetti shapes, you can select from red hearts, circles, stars, and patriotic colored flags. You name it, and it could be tailored to your exact needs. Also, there are rainbow tissue confetti and also lovely snowflake confetti conveniently prepared to be loaded for your event. It's great to know that the current popular option is Red foil confetti.

Table Confetti

Red foil confetti is useful for table decorations, and bearing in mind the diversity of colors and shapes it could feature. You might also opt to customize this kind of table confetti to appear as words, like Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

Water-Soluble Confetti

For a minimal effect on the landscape, you may pick the water-soluble confetti. It could also shine when reflected in the sunlight. This type of confetti can dissolve by itself. You will receive more confetti than the usual package, because this type is also lighter.


West Coast Confetti also offers tools that could disperse confetti. For large amounts of confetti, there is a confetti cannon that could blow and push out confetti for a grand display. For smaller jobs, there are cryo guns and electric cannons. If you'd like to impress each of your audiences, give them hand cannons.

Confetti Uses

There are a lot of ways to use confetti apart from being a party accessory.

• You can use confetti to dress up tables, brighten flower pots or even place on wrapping paper to give it that special touch.
• Put confetti in every balloon that you want to burst later so you can achieve a blast of color at the event. Surround the balloons with confetti for a more vibrant appeal.
• Confetti is fantastic add-ons on decorations like candles and lanterns.
• Confetti works great as a wall decoration for a temporary fix or leave them up to brighten any area.
• You may also want to decorate photo shoot backgrounds with PC or Red foil confetti. Do not forget to make use of confetti on those valentine cards, also.
• For a fun secure way to decorate Easter Eggs, let the kids glue confetti on them and decorate your baskets as well.
• Enhance anything with confetti. Look nice by place confetti on your hair band or shoes.
• Confetti is also a good decoration for your gift jar. You can choose to decorate the exterior and interior parts of the jar you’ll bring smiles to any age recipient.
• Pumpkins are a seasonal way to use confetti. You can decorate with fall colors or make your own special Jack O Lantern.

Use Confetti to brighten any occasion or event. There are absolutely no limits to how much you can achieve decorating your surroundings when you have an event that you would like to make memorable.