West Coast Confetti: Your One-stop Shop for Your Party Necessities

Confetti is small pieces of material that are thrown at parades, sports events, along with other festive events. Materials such as Paper Confetti (PC), mylar and metal are used to make them. You can simply match colors to fit a specific theme of an event. You now have a lot of textures and types to pick from with regards to the use of PC. If you are searching for various kinds and colors, then you can count on West Coast Confetti.


The PC isn't only exciting for the party but safe as well. This confetti varies in size from 0.75 to 2 inches and it is also flame resistant, biodegradable, and color-fast. It can glide slowly in the air that is something fun to watch. So sprinkle joy all over your event and shop from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

Made out of metalized PVC, it is ideal for all general events for groups due to its unique effect of catching the light as it floats right after being tossed in the air. The Red mylar confetti is resilient than the rest of the paper Confetti, and it's no doubt that it is the most stylish way of celebrating an event since it turns it in to a remarkable one.

Specialty Shapes

The paper Confetti could be customized to fit all of your requirements; any shape from circles, hearts to stars can be created to fulfil the order. The most popular choice of all is the PC that is available in flag shape and colors such as red, blue and white. Having said that, this kind of confetti is good for national celebrations and the red heart confetti is great for banquets. The choices are unlimited, and there is no way that you are likely to miss what fascinates you. Following the Red mylar confetti when it comes to popularity are rainbow tissue confetti and snowflake shaped confetti.

Table Confetti

You may also utilize Red mylar confetti as table decorations, as it comes with numerous colors and shapes. This kind of table confetti can even contain words, such as Congratulations or Happy Birthday.

Water-Soluble Confetti

If your event is outside and you should minimize the effect on the landscape-try the water-soluble confetti. Created from rice paper, this lighter confetti will dissolve, meaning no impact on the surroundings. The lightness of the confetti will allow you to acquire more confetti than other choices.


West Coast Confetti also offers tools which could disperse confetti. Confetti cannon are efficient in blowing considerable amounts of confetti in to the air. Smaller jobs just need cryo guns and electric cannons. If you want to amaze each of your audiences, give them hand cannons.

Fun Uses for Confetti

Confetti isn't only utilized as party accessories.

Boost the look of your flower pots, tables, or wrapping papers using this confetti.

In addition, confetti is amazing as a temporary or permanent fix for your walls. You'll surely amuse everybody with the result.

Dipping a balloon with confetti is also a good idea. Make use of different colors for a more thrilling effect, or drop the confetti from above to attain a more magical moment.

You could also decorate confetti along with lanterns and also the popular decorative candles.

For best photographs, make use of the Red mylar confetti or PC as background adornments.

Confetti can be used to improve the look of their shoes, hair bands, or a new outfit.

Make your gift jar look great by simply filling it with confetti.

In the Easter Celebration, don’t miss out on designing the Eggs and baskets with confetti.

On the holiday seasons, do not forget to decorate your Christmas tree with confetti.

This means that you can use confetti in various ways. Open your imagination and decorate using fantastic pieces of confetti.