Blow your Crowd Away with Remote confetti cannon

Remote confetti cannon is a tool which fires confetti in to the air and allows it to rain down on the crowd at games, parties, parades or celebrations. The remote confetti cannon is operated by nitrogen or air to shoot the confetti with force. There's a vast range of colours, sizes, and shapes you can load into the canon. The cannons are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Used for All Events

If you wish to improve the life of your upcoming party, don't forget to setup remote confetti cannon. Some of the events where they're usually used include graduation and birthday celebrations, 4th of July get-togethers, festivals, New Year’s Eve fetes, and shows. The cannons can make any gathering memorable and special. When confetti falls down the crowd, it adds a magical vibe and excitement, especially when that moment is photographed.

Effective Mood Changer

Remote confetti cannon are good at making an event more exciting and fun because it produces a cascade of color. There's something about confetti, shot by a cannon, that delights and astonishes the crowd as it showers them. The effect that it can provide can just make any occasion special and memorable. Both small and large events will certainly be entertaining with the cannons. They create a cascade of colour that would surely be great during weddings, stage products, product launches, or celebrations of success.

West Coast Confetti

West Coast Confetti has remote confetti cannons that can make your event lively. They'll deploy their team of technicians to let you know the proper way to use the cannon and how you could maximize its use. You could get several different confetti and remote confetti cannons from them. They can provide the best choices for your event. With their assistance, you will know the proper way to use the cannons effectively and also the best type of confetti to use for your wanted effect. It is important that you provide them details like the form of event and where it is held, so that they could suggest the confetti and cannons that is best for your event requirements.

Remote confetti cannons Variations

You should not have any doubts that we will have just the best types of remote confetti cannons to do your occasion justice. We offer the ideal form of cannon so we could help make your event go as planned. We've got cannons which are electric and non-electric powered, as well as portable ones. You could also rent our stationary cannons that can be positioned on certain areas of the venue. These again come in a wide variety of aesthetic designs, colors, and sizes to complement their surroundings just so.

Confetti Matters in Any Event

If you wish add life to your party, just fire confetti into the air. When shimmering colorful confetti glides down in the air, audiences and guests will surely feel excited. Remote confetti cannons are not only for major shows and concerts, victory parades or political events. They can be used to make a child's birthday celebration, an office gathering, school function or pep rally feel more festive and special. Simply contact West Coast Confetti so you can receive the confetti and cannon and use them to make your occasion magnificent.