West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Event Needs

There are various textures and types of the Paper Confetti (PC) which can be used in birthday events, festivities, sporting events, and parades. Mylar, metals, and PC are utilized to make the Confetti papers. All types of Confetti colors can accommodate each situation with the West Coast Confetti having all the available models and colors for every occasion.


The PC isn't only exciting for the party but safe as well. Its size options range from 0.75 to 2 inches. It is also made to be biodegradable, color-fast, and flame resistant. In addition, it's fun to use and admire because of its particularity to fall slowly. Make all this possible when you purchase from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

Besides paper confetti, the Silver foil confetti, made from metalized PVC, is good to celebrate any outdoor or indoor event, such as a corporate group gathering. Aside from floating down, metallic confetti also reflects to the lights of the even, making the entire event shine. And the best part is the durability of the confetti, ensuring that it won’t just tear down during this process.

Specialty Shapes

You can also purchase personalized confetti for your event. Whether you need circles, stars or hearts, it can be specialized only for the thing you need. PC is truly one of many choices you've got. Find the flag shape and also the red, white and blue themed confetti for your patriotic celebration or red heart confetti for banquets. There are snowflake shaped confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. You're only limited by your imagination. If you want something very popular, opt for Silver foil confetti.

Table Confetti

In spite of the Silver foil confetti unlimited colors, it also accommodates many occasions and functions, one well-known purpose being to decorate tables in events. The confetti colors quickly spruce up any celebration whether it's casual or formal. It has also become common to enhance the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an occasion.

Water-Soluble Confetti

The water-soluble Confetti created from the rice paper is mainly suitable for events allocated outside; this is mainly because it lowers reaction with the landscape. It has no visible effect on the environment since it will dissolve, its light nature is also an advantage since even when getting more of the Confetti paper, and it remains light.


At West Coast Confetti you can also find various dispersing tools for your needs. Small events might just use hand cannons but if you need to disperse greater amounts of confetti, you need cryo guns. If you'll be holding a much larger event, you will need the cannons to disperse bulk amounts of confetti.

Boost Enjoyment Using Confetti.

Confetti is more than just an event accessory.

Improve the appearance of your flower pots, tables, or wrapping papers with these confetti.

Also you can opt to place your confetti on your walls temporarily or permanently. Many will certainly find the surrounding area interesting.

Another enchanting idea would be to dip or to fill a balloon with confetti. Make use of different colors for a more thrilling effect, or drop the confetti from above to achieve a more magical moment.

Confetti could also complement the design of lanterns and ornamental candles.

The PC or Silver foil confetti are perfect background decorations for photography shooting or even entire photography sessions.

Confetti can come in handy, for individuals who wish to light up the favourite pair of shoes, a hair band, or perhaps to accessorize a new outfit.

Make your gift jar look fantastic simply by filling it with confetti.

For the enthusiastic little ones, who cannot wait for the celebration of Easter, prepare confetti and allow them to enjoy decorating the Eggs and baskets in a safe and pleasant manner.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins must also be decorated with confetti.

For a fantastic and interesting celebration, don’t forget to add confetti. Just expand your imagination and you will have many great decoration tips on making your event memorable and special.