Why You Need West Coast Confetti for your Party?

There are various textures and kinds of the Paper Confetti (PC) which can be used in birthday events, festivities, sports events, and parades. Mylar, metals, and PC are used to make the Confetti papers. All types of Confetti colors can hold each situation with the West Coast Confetti having all the available models and colours for every occasion.


Created to fall slowly, improving the fun- most PC is color-fast and resistant to flames. Available sizes vary from .75 to 2 inches. Most paper confetti is made with bio-degradable paper. Let West Coast Confetti help you will your party requirements.

Metallic confetti

Silver mylar confetti is made from metalized PVC, making it a perfect add-on decoration at any indoor or outdoor events. Apart from floating down, metallic confetti also reflects to the lights of the even, making the whole event shimmer. This is not just a classy way to celebrate, but also a more durable one, too.

Specialty Shapes

The shapes of confetti, from stars, circles, red hearts for your beloved banquet, or patriotic colored flags are just some of the options you have from an unlimited selection. You can even request for tailored shapes and styles. You can also pump up your celebration with rainbow tissue confetti or the lovely snowflake confetti. If you need something popular, consider Silver mylar confetti.

Table Confetti

In preparation for events, one might decorate tables with the Silver mylar confetti along with other spectrum of colours available. Any casual or formal event can look wonderful with the confetti colours. It has also become common to enhance the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an occasion.

Water-Soluble Confetti

Water-soluble confetti has minimal effect on the landscape, making it ideal for outdoor events. Made from rice paper, this lighter confetti will dissolve, meaning no impact on the surroundings. You'll also get more confetti than the usual heavier bulk.


If you are only dispersing small amounts of confetti, you will simply need cryo guns and electric cannons, but if you will have to disperse huge amounts of Confetti at once, cannon should be thought about. The Cannon allows confetti to go airborne, giving the crowd delightful scenery. If you want a confetti tool that can be used individually, you may want to try the hand cannon.

Entertainment with Confetti

Confetti is not limited to parties only. Confetti is also perfect for:

- Dressing up tables
- Brightening flower vases
- Adding more colours to the balloons by dipping them into Confetti
- Boosting the appeal of lanterns and candles
- Making an area or wall look lighter
- Enhancing the design of Valentine cards
- To attain wonderful photographs, utilize backgrounds full of Silver mylar confetti and the PC
- Kids decorating Easter eggs
- Beautifying the wardrobe
- Gift wrapping
- Decorating pumpkins with the fall colours

Utilize Confetti to brighten any occasion or event. There are absolutely no limits to how much you could achieve decorating your surroundings if you have an event that you want to make remarkable.