Get Your Party Needs Catered by West Coast Confetti

The Paper Confetti (PC) classified into many types and textures are utilized in events like birthday celebrations, festive seasons, parades, and sports events. Mylar, metals, and PC are utilized to make the Confetti papers. All types of Confetti colors can hold each situation with the West Coast Confetti having all the available models and colors for each and every occasion.


They are available from .75 to 2 inches with the majority of them being color-fast and unsusceptible to fire. Most of the paper Confetti is created with bio-degradable paper which slowly falls when tossed in the air thus prolonging the fun. Any events could get the help from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

Made from metalized PVC, its ideal for all general events for groups because of its unique effect of catching the light as it floats right after being tossed in the air. In terms of resilience and style, the Teal foil confetti is the best choice for your event.

Specialty Shapes

You can also buy personalized confetti for your event. Whether you need circles, stars or hearts, it can be specialized just for the thing you need. Another option is PC. Banquets will require red heart confetti while patriotic celebration will look more special with flag shape and red, white and blue themed confetti. Other options include snowflake shaped confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. Open your creative thinking to get more ideas. Teal foil confetti tops the list when it comes to popularity.

Table Confetti

Teal foil confetti has various colors and shapes, making it great for table decorations. You may also arrange this kind of table confetti to form celebratory words, such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

Water-Soluble Confetti

If you wish for the confetti to reflect in the sunlight and are also worried about the outcome of your actions on the landscape, then water-soluble confetti is your option. This rice paper type of confetti will just dissolve. You will receive more confetti than the common package, since this type is also lighter.


You can also get different dispersing equipment from West Coast Confetti. Small events may just use hand cannons but if you want to disperse greater amounts of confetti, you need cryo guns. If you will be holding a much larger event, you'll need the cannons to disperse bulk amounts of confetti.

Boost Amusement Using Confetti.

Confetti is not only utilized as party accessories.

These wonderful bits of sparkle could certainly be put to use to brighten flower pots, or maybe wrapping paper, and also to arrange tables.

Furthermore, confetti is incredible as a temporary or permanent fix for your walls. Many will surely find the surrounding area fascinating.

Another wonderful idea is to dip or to fill a balloon with confetti. Make moments magical by letting confetti of different colours. Fall from above

Confetti could also complement the looks of lanterns and decorative candles.

The PC or Teal foil confetti are great background decorations for photography shooting or even entire photography sessions.

Confetti can come in handy, for individuals who would like to light up the favourite pair of shoes, a hair band, or perhaps to decorate a new outfit.

Or maybe you want to accessorize a gift jar? Just add the magical sparkle, simply by dipping the jar and covering it with confetti, and you're ready to go.

In the Easter Celebration, don’t miss out on designing the Eggs and baskets with confetti.

On the holiday seasons, do not forget to decorate your Christmas tree with confetti.

This just shows that confetti has numerous uses. All the ideas above simply allow your imagination to make use of each one of these powerful and cheerful small pieces of confetti.