West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Occasion Needs

There are several textures and types of the Paper Confetti (PC) which can be used in birthday events, festivities, sports events, and parades. The Confetti papers are essentially produced from PC, mylar and metals. Whatever event you've got, West Coast Confetti can help you find the types of Confetti designs and colors that are ideal for you.


PC can fall slowly in mid-air and is also made to be fire-resistant and color-fast. Available sizes vary from .75 to 2 inches. Most paper confetti is made from bio-degradable paper, Shop West Coast Confetti for all of your party needs.

Metallic confetti

This confetti is created from metalized PVC, perfect for making general events magical as it floats in the air and shines against the light. In terms of durability and style, the Teal mylar confetti is the best choice for your event.

Specialty Shapes

The shapes of confetti, from stars, circles, red hearts for your beloved banquet, or patriotic colored flags are a few of the choices you have from an unlimited selection. You name it, and it can be tailored to your exact needs. Make your occasion special with wonderful snowflake confetti and rainbow tissue confetti. It is good to know that the current popular choice is Teal mylar confetti.

Table Confetti

In spite of the Teal mylar confetti unlimited colours, it also accommodates many occasions and functions, one well-known purpose being to decorate tables in events. Any casual or formal event can look wonderful with the confetti colors. It has also become common to embellish the Confetti made tables with words like Congratulations and Happy Birthday to match an occasion.

Water-Soluble Confetti

If you wish for the confetti to reflect in the sunlight and are also worried about the impact of your actions on the landscape, then water-soluble confetti is your choice. This type of confetti can dissolve by itself. This confetti is also lighter, which is good if you need more confetti than the typical package.


You can also get different dispersing equipment from West Coast Confetti. From hand cannons, for individual usage, to cryo guns, for medium amounts of confetti, to the cannons that is very efficient for a spectacular exhibit of big quantities of confetti.

Boost Amusement Using Confetti.

Confetti is more than just a party accessory. There are plenty of applications of Confetti such as:

- Enhancing the appearance of tables
- Brightening flower vases
- Including more colors to the balloons by dipping them into Confetti
- Improving the appeal of lanterns and candles
- Decorating walls along with other areas
- Decorating Valentine cards
- To attain wonderful pictures, make use of backgrounds full of Teal mylar confetti and the PC
- Making Easter eggs look unique
- Making the wardrobe brighter
- Gift wrapping
- Enhancing the overall look of pumpkins

This just shows that confetti can decorate almost anything. Use your imagination to create colour and drama at all your events and celebrations.