West Coast Confetti For Your Party Needs

Parades, sports events, and other festivities would not be complete without confetti being thrown all over the place. Materials like Paper Confetti (PC), mylar and metal are utilized to make them. Colors can be matched to a particular venue or team event. The use of PC has progressed to include numerous textures and types. There are numerous confetti types and colors you could get from West Coast Confetti.


The PC is not just exciting for the party but safe as well. This confetti varies in size from 0.75 to 2 inches and it is also flame resistant, bio-degradable, and color-fast. It could glide slowly in the air that is something fun to watch. Make the possible in your event by buying this item from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

Created from metalized PVC, its ideal for all general events for groups due to its unique effect of catching the light as it floats right after being tossed in the air. The White foil confetti features high durability and great style, which are 2 aspects that you need in celebrating your event.

Specialty Shapes

You have a lot of shapes to select from paper Confetti; good examples are circles, stars, and hearts. The most popular option of all is the PC that is available in flag shape and colors such as red, blue and white. That being said, this kind of confetti is perfect for national celebrations, and the red heart confetti is great for banquets. The options are unlimited, and there's no way that you're likely to miss what fascinates you. Aside from the most popular White foil confetti, other popular confetti types are Rainbow issue Confetti and snowflak shaped confetti.

Table Confetti

White foil confetti could also serve as table decorations at an occasion. You have a lot of colors and shapes to pick from in terms of White foil confetti. You might also arrange the confetti on the table to form words such as Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Whether your occasion is formal or casual, these colours will definitely brighten it up.

Water-Soluble Confetti

For a minimal impact on the landscape, you might select the water-soluble confetti. It could also shine when reflected in the sunlight. This type of confetti could dissolve by itself. This confetti is also lighter, which is good if you want more confetti than the typical package.


You can disperse small quantities of confetti using cryo guns and electric cannons whereas dispersing bulk amounts of confetti will require cannon. The Cannon offers a spectacle to the audience by shooting confetti up in the air. If you want a confetti tool that can be used individually, you might want to try the hand cannon.

Fun Uses for Confetti

The way confetti is used must not be restricted simply to party accessories.

Boost the look of your flower pots, tables, or wrapping papers with these confetti.

You might choose to fix confetti temporarily or place them there for good. Many will certainly find the surrounding area interesting.

Another enchanting idea is to dip or to fill a balloon with confetti. Create a mix of colors for impact, or let it burst in to a hail of sparkle.

You could also decorate confetti along with lanterns and the popular decorative candles.

The PC or White foil confetti are ideal background decorations for photography shooting or even entire photography sessions.

Confetti can come in handy, for people who wish to light up the favorite pair of shoes, a hair band, or perhaps to decorate a new outfit.

Would you like to have a wonderful gift jar? All you should do is fill it with confetti.

In the Easter Celebration, don’t miss out on designing the Eggs and baskets with confetti.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins should also be decorated with confetti.

This just implies that confetti can decorate almost anything. Open your imagination to come up with the best decoration ideas.