West Coast Confetti-Caters For All Event Needs

With the aid of confetti, parades, sports events, and other festive occasions will definitely be livelier. Whatever them your event has, there's a color of confetti which will match with it. This is possible due to the assortment of materials they could be built from, like mylar, metal, or the Paper Confetti (PC). Let us all benefit from the idea that West Coast Confetti can now provide your party with all desired types of confetti and matching colors.


When it comes to excitement and security, the PC is your choice. Its size choices range from 0.75 to 2 inches. It's also made to be biodegradable, color-fast, and flame resistant. Moreover, you can certainly enjoy seeing at the event when it falls slowly mid-air. Make all this possible when you buy from West Coast Confetti.

Metallic confetti

If you'd like to celebrate your event elegantly, go for Yellow-mylar-confetti.html. Corporate group events prefer the metallic confetti because it not only floats down beautifully but also shimmers when it catches the light. This confetti has greater resilience than regular paper confetti because it is made from metalized PVC.

Specialty Shapes

The paper Confetti has a wide range of shapes, from circles to hearts to stars that will surely fit any requirements you may have. There are also flag shaped confetti for patriotic events and read heart confetti for banquets. Most are also opting for the PC, so you may want to consider it as your selection. You've got unlimited number of choices, so you'll definitely find what type of confetti you are looking for. Aside from the most popular Yellow-mylar-confetti.html, other popular confetti types are Rainbow issue Confetti and snowflake shaped confetti.

Table Confetti

You can also use Yellow-mylar-confetti.html as table decorations, because it comes with various colours and shapes. You may also arrange this type of table confetti to form celebratory words, such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

Water-Soluble Confetti

If your event is outside and you must minimize the effect on the landscape-try the water-soluble confetti. Made from rice paper, this lighter confetti will dissolve, meaning no effect on the surroundings. If you'll be buying such confetti in bulk, then expect to be getting more confetti than heavier ones.


If you're only dispersing small quantities of confetti, you will just need cryo guns and electric cannons, but if you will have to disperse large amounts of Confetti at once, cannon should be considered. The Cannon offers a spectacle to the audience by shooting confetti up in the air. If you want a confetti tool that can be used individually, you may want to try the hand cannon.

Good Ideas for Utilizing Confetti

Confetti is more than just an event accessory.

Boost the look of your flower pots, tables, or wrapping papers with this confetti.

You may choose to fix confetti temporarily or put them there for good. You'll certainly amuse everyone with the result.

You may also setup an area full of confetti and dip balloons in it. Make a mix of colors for impact, or let it burst into a hail of sparkle.

Confetti can also complement the looks of lanterns and decorative candles.

The PC or Yellow-mylar-confetti.html are great background decorations for photography shooting or even entire photography sessions.

Confetti could be used to enhance the look of their shoes, hair bands, or a new outfit.

Or maybe you want to accessorize a gift jar? Just add the magical sparkle, by simply dipping the jar and covering it with confetti, and you're good to go.

Kids might also use confetti to decorate the Easter Eggs and baskets.

Holidays symbols like Christmas tree and pumpkins should also be decorated with confetti.

For an excellent and exciting occasion, don’t forget to add confetti. You have unlimited number of ideas you can apply to make your event something everybody won't forget.